hyper energy

Advancing the Development of Ground-breaking Energy Generation and Conversion Technologies with High-G Rotation for a Sustainable Future.

Innovations to solve energy and climate challenges

  • Worldwide patents

    Owner of multiple patents on a global scale, covering all products within subsidiary companies
  • Proven technology

    With expertise in high g technology and hydrogen processes since 2005, we are pioneers in our field.
  • Unlimited market potential

    Our products have tremendous market potential, solving both energy and climate challenges.
  • Vision

    We aim to lead in addressing climate change and energy challenges through innovative solutions.

Invitations for collaboration and establishment

  • Collaboration Opportunities

    We are seeking collaboration opportunities with governments, academia, R&D institutions, and large global players.
  • Subsidiary Establishment

    The company is planning to establish subsidiaries for its products around the world.
  • Incentives for R&D and Industrialization

    Hyper Energy is looking for countries that offer incentives for research and development and industrialization of its products.
  • Global Export

    Our primary objective in establishing subsidiaries and forging partnerships is to facilitate the worldwide exportation of its cutting-edge products to the global market.

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Key International Project Partners

Our partners are global leaders in energy, engineering, manufacturing, and academia. Together, we innovate and create sustainable solutions.

Cognition Clean Energy
The research council of Norway
Phoenix Contact

In collaboration with The University of Sydney