About us

We are a Norwegian/Australian company leading the development of innovative technologies that revolutionize industries and contribute to a more sustainable world. Since 2005, we have been dedicated to providing optimal solutions for producing blue and green hydrogen using renewable and hydrocarbon energy sources.

Our team collaborates with engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and academic experts to create clean hydrogen technology solutions that promote a sustainable future. We work with governments, oil and gas companies, and the power generation industry.

Based in Norway and Australia, our professionals actively research and develop prototypes for clean blue and green hydrogen production using artificial gravity, high pressure, and high temperatures. Implementing these advanced technologies allows our hydrogen plants to occupy just 1/100th of the space required by traditional methods while generating equivalent quantities of clean hydrogen with zero emissions, low production costs, and significant profits.

Parallel with the R&D, we have a professional team doing the business development.

Meet our team in Norway

Hyper Energy Norway has been at the forefront of energy innovation since 2005, with a focus on developing cutting-edge technologies for heat pumps, reforming, and electrolysis.

  • Åge Skomsvold

    Åge Skomsvold

    CTO, Founder & Inventor

  • Morten Torsås

    Morten Torsås

    Head of Projects

  • Yahya Dizaei

    Yahya Dizaei

    CFD CAD Designer, R&D Engineer

  • Tony Ibrahim

    Tony Ibrahim

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Atle Vorocheck-Finsrud

    Atle Vorocheck-Finsrud

    Senior Electro Engineer

  • Knut Bjornsen

    Knut Bjornsen

    Electro Engineer

Meet our business team in Australia

Hyper Energy Australia, established in 2018, is a technology development company focused on energy generation and conversion.

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim

    Ibrahim Ibrahim


  • Victor Pineiro

    Victor Pineiro

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Anne Hillestad Ibrahim

    Anne Hillestad Ibrahim

    Head of HR, Norwegian Australian Liaison

  • Jola Raptis

    Jola Raptis

    Business Development Team, Government Liaison

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