Hyper Energy is at the forefront of innovation, utilizing a cutting-edge technology that involves high-speed rotation. Our mission is to pioneer groundbreaking solutions and explore new frontiers in the realm of energy.



Revolutionary technology for hydrogen production and CO2 capture, featuring High-G rotation for high efficiency and modular design for easy scalability.

The RotoReformer has undergone a 2-year R&D project supported by the Research Council of Norway. This highly efficient and compact device has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry and play a significant role in the transition towards sustainable energy.

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Spinning Top rotating

Unleashing Efficiency with High-G via Rotation

Discover the groundbreaking principles of High-G via Rotation. Learn how we harness centrifugal force and optimize processes to achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Learn how our cutting-edge technology leverages High-G via Rotation to optimize processes, streamline systems, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains. Explore the transformative potential of this groundbreaking approach.

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