The principles behind our technology

At Hyper Energy, we revolutionize technology by harnessing the principles of High-G via Rotation. Discover how we unlock unparalleled efficiency and redefine what's possible in various industries.

Understanding High-G

The Force Behind High-G

High-G refers to high gravity forces that exert a significant influence on the up and down directions. As the strength of gravity increases (measured in Gs), the buoyancy force and velocity also intensify. This effect is particularly pronounced in gases, leading to a rise in pressure and temperature in response to the increased gravity force.

The Benefits of High-G

The impact of High-G is remarkable, allowing for increased mass transport and active area in processes. By harnessing artificially generated high gravity, we achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity. The reduction in the size of rotating process devices is a notable advantage, as it streamlines systems, saves space, and optimizes resource utilization.

Water with bubbles
Illustration showcasing the concept of buoyancy force in fluids. Gas bubbles rise in a glass of water, exemplifying the principle behind High-G and the influence of density differences.

Rotation: The Key to High-G

Harnessing Centrifugal Force

Rotation plays a crucial role in generating High-G. By employing rotation, we create a powerful centrifugal force that generates the desired effect. This centrifugal force redirects the direction of "up" inward towards the center and "down" outward towards the periphery, effectively creating an environment where different masses experience varying gravitational forces.

Maximizing Efficiency through Rotation

Rotation offers numerous advantages in processes. It enables higher process speeds, akin to the rapid drying of clothes in a washing machine that utilizes centrifugal force to extract moisture swiftly. The strategic placement of inlets and outlets along the rotational axis optimizes flow dynamics, ensuring efficient movement of fluids and gases. Additionally, our design incorporates compressors and turbines as radial channels, facilitating seamless energy transfer and maximizing the benefits of High-G via Rotation.

Spinning top rotating
Spinning top in motion, representing the generation of centrifugal force through rotation. This force redirects the "up" and "down" directions outwards from the center towards the periphery, forming the basis for achieving High-G via Rotation.

Unleashing the Potential

Compact and Streamlined Systems

By utilizing rotation and High-G, we achieve a significant reduction in the size of rotating process devices. This reduction enables the creation of compact and streamlined systems, saving valuable space and resources while maintaining optimal performance.

Elevated Pressures and Temperatures at No Additional Cost

Our revolutionary approach allows us to reach high pressure and temperature levels near the periphery of our systems without incurring any additional costs. This advantage opens up new possibilities in various industries, offering greater flexibility and effectiveness in processes that demand elevated pressures and temperatures.

Incorporating the principles of High-G via Rotation, Hyper Energy drives innovation, efficiency, and productivity to new heights. Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the true potential of High-G and redefine the possibilities in technology and beyond.

RotoReformer SMR process diagram
Rotation harnesssed; the RotoReformer spins to generate High-G, which is then used to drive the SMR process.

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Revolutionary technology for hydrogen production and CO2 capture, featuring High-G rotation for high efficiency and modular design for easy scalability.

The RotoReformer has undergone a 2-year R&D project supported by the Research Council of Norway. This highly efficient and compact device has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry and play a significant role in the transition towards sustainable energy.

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